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Need of Training:

In developing countries, Export sector is known to be highly unorganized especially at the level of small and medium enterprise due to the very nature of the industry.

Lack of proper planning, haphazard factory working and lack of motivated workforce, low moral, low loyalty, indifferent attitude and adhoc approach are the regular features and peculiarities of the export industry.

These result in poor performance, lower productivity and high labour turn over, absenteeism, rejection, re-work and eventually in non-compliance both technically and socially.

Sometimes, these typical factories are not aware of compliance requirements, some factories have no experience in facing Audit whereas some have some ideas but not interested and some are willing but not serious and some have escaping attitude.

As a result, they fail to take corrective measures and consequently the same violations are repeatedly observed during follow up or re-audit again and again. Net result: the issues of violations remain unresolved.

This kind of attitude hampers both the survival and growth. Moreover, they are even ignorant about the changes taking place in areas of Compliance.

In order to protect these people from dying and help the industry to survive and grow, there is need to:-

  1. Create awareness among them about compliance
  2. Help them change their attitude and mind set through innovative and need based training programs.

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